Frank, Dinner Is Ready!

Frank, dinner is ready!

Frank, dinner is ready! was our first C.G.I. a film that we made in 2002. The film premiered on October 29, 2002 at the Evald cinema.

A boy named František (Frank) is trying to find the answer for quite ordinary question: The origin and the purpose of light in the streets! His mind is occupied by the town creeks which when lit are becoming chamber scenes of mysterious stories or dance-floors of lights. These fantasy images, the other side of the town hustles the boy to set out to roam the streets. He meets the lamp-man, gets aquainted with him and the boy and the old man become friends. They are bound together by the same concern. The light of the lamps and the lanterns. Daily bread for the old man, inspiration to gorgeous images for the boy, sharing of the path for both. They are walking thru the town lighting it up and down. One morning the whole town is lit. The boy runs down the streets looking for his friend but the old man is vanished. The blue feeling for the loss mingles with beautiful images of their walks. The footage is 16 minutes. Film had a premiere on 29.10.2002 in cinema Evald - Prague, Czech republic. It is 15 minutes long and was accepted on many film festivals.