The Little Odyssey

“The sea, once it casts it's spell, holds one in it's net of wonder forever.” Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Little Martha has a true passion for the underwater world. She’s about to spend her vacation at her aunt’s oceanographic museum by the sea - holidays of her dreams! But the reality is much more boring than she expected. Luckily she discovers Mrs. Octopus and Oscar the Cat, best friends of the great oceanographer captain Gusto who used to run the museum before. Boredom comes to an end when they invite her on their adventurous underwater journey in Gusto's submarine.

About Characters

Little Martha

Martha is a little girl and daydreamer. When she was four years old, she saw her first film by Gusto and fell in love with it. She finds underwater world much more interesting than the dry one. She wants to see what Gusto saw and become a great underwater explorer one day.

Oscar the Cat

Oscar is a bit of a poser like any other cat. He is spiteful and often grumpy, but basically he‘s a good guy. He’s hiding in the museum with Mrs. Octopus who takes care of him and he often just hangs around the oceanographic centre. He will became the captain of the expedition.

Mrs. Octopus

She is a bit afraid of the ocean depths. She was once saved by Gusto from her panic attack and spent years with him and learnt how to live in the ocean again. Though octopuses are considered to be the smartest animals, Mrs. Octopus is a bit special. She's very slow and clumsy, but warm-hearted.



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