The Cremation Of Sam McGee

A short animated film by Jakub Pístecký, which is in the phase of completed development and is looking for funding for implementation.

Cremation of Sam McGee is a short animated film project based on one of Canada's most popular poems of the same name. The poem was written by Robert W. Service (1874–1958) and was published in 1907 in the book Song of a Sourdough. It tells the story of two gold diggers - an American of Irish descent and a Czech-Canadian, who travel through the frozen landscape of northern Canada. In the harsh winter, he and his dogsled face a tragic situation that unites the two men with a promise and sends them on a painful journey along the Dawson Trails. After a strange and unexpected turnaround, we find out what strange things are happening in the land of the midnight sun. This story of death and desire tells a hauntingly beautiful experience, which was the gold rush in the Klondike. It is a story that draws on several real events and shows how difficult it was to survive (or not survive) the hardships of the frozen Far North.

A preview of the first implementation of the background made using the oil painting technique. Individual phases of work in progress.

The development of the film Cremation of Sam McGee was supported by The Czech Film Fund.



Jakub Pístecký