About film

A family animated adventure film about the joys and sorrows of sock thieves - Oddsockeaters and their coexistence with us humans. According to the bestseller by writer Pavel Šrut and artist Galina Miklínová. The whole movie you can watch on Netflix

The fates of the main protagonists of THE ODDSOCKEATERS and their most prominent opponent, the weirdo and the abandoned PROFESSOR, are connected by the story of the main character, the little ODDSOCKEATER Hugo, who will have great adventures in the film. The days of his grandfather LAMOR, who raised him, are over, and Hugo must go looking for uncle Big Boss, about whom he had no idea yet. He draws his courage from what his grandfather instilled in him - from love for his family, a good upbringing and a oddsockeating "ten". He does not abandon his ideals and principles even in the new robbery home of his mafia uncle and two sly cousins, even though they lead him into dangerous situations. He breaks the two basic oddsockeating rules "you never take a couple" and "stay with people, but stay away from them," with a heavy heart in the end. Only because he believes he has exhausted all possibilities to reach his desired goal - the family.



"Grandpa Lamor always told me, 'Stay with people, but stay away from them.'” Hugo ​​is a little Oddsockeater who is waiting for incredible adventures in the film. He just has to overcome his fear, climb out the window, and go to uncle Big Boss, whom he had never heard of before. Grandfather Lamor wanted it so much, and Hugo ​​loved his grandfather very much. Hugo ​​lived with his grandfather in the pantry of a Prague family that knew nothing about their existence. People do not see or hear The Oddsockeaters. He always found an odd sock for himself and his grandfather to eat in the apartment where he lived and never leave, and he had no idea about the big world out there until the beginning of our film story. Big Boss

Big Boss

„Socks, stockings, half-hoses… Hide! Collect! Accumulate! Socks do not spoil! ” Dad of the twins Tulamor and Ramses and Hugo's uncle. A grunt who once fleeced half of the city of socks. But just about odd. You'll never take a couple - that's his password. And he teaches his boys that too. Big Boss is simply a real oddsockeater, and his land is a sock paradise. Big Boss and his missing brother, Hugo's father, were poor as boys, often hungry and had to chew not very tasty nylon and stretch-nylon socks from East Germany. Big Boss had already decided then that he would never suffer from deficiencies, and it didn't matter how he got to the socks, especially that he would have enough. He embarked on a mob career and unravelled with his father, Hugo's grandfather Lamor.

Tulamor and Ramses

"Dad Big Boss confuses me with my bro Tulamor. He only knows my bro by the scarf. Until we make a stupid forum. “ Ramses is Hugo's cousin, Tulamor's twin and uncle Big Boss's son. He was born an hour later and is always the other for his dad. It bothers Ramses, trying to draw attention to himself, to show that he is also useful. He and his bro are a pretty cheerful couple. But when he gets tight, the forks go aside and Ramík goes to the rescue.

Profesor Kadeřábek

"No one knows what they look like or where they have their hiding places. But I believe that the day will come when I will show you the Oddsockeaters. ” Professor René Kadeřábek is a Oddnumberer. The Oddnumberer is a person who, unlike others, sees and hears the Oddsockeaters because he is so alone in the world that he digs into it. The professor has only one goal. Grab the Oddsockeaters and shows them to humankind. Hugo, Tulamor, Ramses and others will enjoy it with him.

Sharp guys

Sharp guys belong to Big Boss's oddsockeating family after years of peeling socks together. And they will do everything for the family. Shamwirer - with his shamwire will rip open every door, every sock, even slammed the safe! He still has his legendary fagot - a wire stick - on his nose. Now he uses it more like glasses. He confuses everything, but he still has golden oddsockeating hands. Václav Koubek is speaking. VASIL - whoever Big Boss's order was touched on, only cotton was left of it! Originally a Russian the oddsockeater, who came to Prague. He was born a good man. But he was twice as big and stronger than his peers since he was a child. And he was twice as hungry. In the region where he grew up, rags and earmuffs were worn instead of socks. So not much to eat. As a boy, Vasil dreamed of running for the better. And he did it one day. Matěj Ruppert speaks. GARROTER CHANGO - no one could pinch his leg under the knee in such a way that one did not notice that his sock and half-shoe had disappeared! He was born as a descendant of Vietnamese Lichožroutů from Saigon in a Prague Vietnamese restaurant on the border of Karlín and Žižkov. He is the smartest and the most alert of all sharp boys. Unlike them, he still doesn't stuff himself with socks, so he doesn't get in the way of his abdomen like Vasil. Aleš Najbrt speaks.

Stabber Dederon

"This city will one day belong to me. And I will take what I want! " Big Boss was a sharp boy until he broke the basic rule of the oddsockeaters - You'll never take a couple. Not wanting to share socks with humans, he began robbing a group of Coyotes on his own. He only likes himself. When it suits him, he easily "throws overboard" and his loved ones.


"I'm a razor blade and I'm not dumb at all" The only girl among the Coyotes is as sharp as a razor. She is wild and proud, but her heart is in the right place. He hates violence, and when he feels it is too much, he confronts Stabber himself.


"Coyotes stand up! It's getting dark over the river! Go for the magnifying glass! Well, that's a clear lever! Socks here! Yeah, he's already working on it. Coyotes, a bunch of ferocious lichen-eating robbers around Kudla Dederon. Their home is a rusty wreck and nothing is sacred to them. All they want are socks. Even and odd. They take all the pairs and have no mercy on anyone. They get drunk with socks - dirty laid socks. Yuck! And they are terribly dangerous. But don't worry, they don't dare man. Even though the chill runs from their singing down their backs ...


The production of the film was supported by The Czech Film Fund.