Dreams About Stray Cats

Documentary film Dreams About Stray Cats maps life story of world- famous artist Peter Sis. Peter is a crucial figure of the contemporary art and cultural scene. He is an author of children's books, illustrator, graphic artist and winning author of animated films. He has been awarded tens of the most prestigious awards. Director David Sis sensitively and extensively maps his older brother's inner world and uses his close relationship with him. He uses high-quality documentary material filmed in New York, Lisbon, Paris, Aubusson, and also in Prague and Brno which combines with the extensive family archives and unique animations to describe the inner world and principles of creation of world famous artist. Peter's restored animated films are another element of the film (he was awarded the Golden Bear for his film titled “Heads". Testimonies by people who supported Peter Sis on his journey through life (M. Forman, M.Allbright, M. Hausman, Steven Heller and many others). Peter Sis and his fantastic books are a true phenomenon in the world of children's stories.

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The animated sequences of a new documentary Dreams About Stray Cats about artist Petr Sís directed by David Sís were made in Alkay Animation Prague.

The production of the film was supported by The Czech Film Fund.