About Us / About Studio

The studio "Alkay Animation Prague s.r.o." was founded in 1999, and Petr Horák heads it. We specialise in C.G.I. character animation, cartoon animation and their combination. The studio is equipped with modern computer technology. We work with established and fully equipped sound studios. Thanks to this equipment and facilities we have become 100% independent in animated films, which we also devote intensively as co-producers and producers. In more than 22 years of our existence, we have created or collaborated on more than twenty short films, seven series and eight feature films, including Lichožrouti (2016, dir. Galina Miklínová). We are currently preparing an in-house non-international animated film Crystal Raiders, a short film The Small Shoe or TV bedtime stories Lucky Four.

We focus on commercial contracts marginally at the present because we focus on our production of projects. We have worked for a long time with the advertising agency TBWA in the past. We created animated spots for ČMSS, Budvar, Schöller, Vitana, Michelin, Tchibo and others.

our people

We purposefully build a stable team of professional collaborators not only in the field of animation but also in production in our studio. At the same time, we are occasionally open to providing student internships and systematically teaching newcomers, which we carefully educate under the supervision of experienced colleagues. Our group of animators is composed of professionals working in C.G.I./cartoon technology, proven by many years of successful work in the field of animated film. We place great emphasis on the artistic concept of the film, and therefore we cooperate with our circle of artists.

Our team of permanent and external collaborators ensures

3D and 2D character animation pipeline, scripting a programming 3D modelling and character setup computer dinamic simulation painting textures lighting, rendering and compositing processing of cartoon animation in software Animo and Toon Boom cartoon classical animation (layouts, animations, Inbetweens, contouring) + production, IT and administration

Awards at festivals

The Oddsockeaters - Trilobit 2017 - Children's Jury Award Nomination of the Czech Film Critics Award in the categories of best film (Ondřej Trojan) and best audiovisual achievement (Galina Miklínová). Nominated for the Czech Lion Award for Best Sound (Jan Čeněk and Richard Müller) and Best Scenography (Galina Miklínová). 34th Annual Chicago International Children’s Film Festival - 1st Children's Jury Prize 20th International Children's Film Festival, India, The Golden Elephant 2017 - Children's Jury Prize for Best Animated Feature Film Cook, Mug, Cook! - the best short Czech animated film at the ANIFEST 2007 About Kanafásek - the best film in the international competition in the category of TV film and series at the ANIFEST 2011 The Three Pigs - special recognition of the jury in the category of TV film and series at the ANIFEST 2010 The Three Pigs - The best film chosen by a children's jury in the Alík internet competition at ANIFEST 2011 The last iron in the festival fire is Michaela Pavlátová's film My Sunny Mad. This project was selected in the main competition of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, which the representatives of Czech animated film have not managed for 28 years. We are a proud co-producer.

technical equipment

Mainly with Maya software for 3D production and ToonBoom software for 2D production. The studio has its own 4K Avid editing room and Adobe Premiere equipped with projection.